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Date & Time:
March 3, 2016 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Dr. Mel Hogan

You’re invited to a talk by Dr. Mel Hoganwho is currently an Assistant Professor of Communication at IIT in Chicago. She teaches environmental media and graphic design, and other courses in digital media.

The past two decades have seen an important shift in what constitutes our media ecology due to the advent of the internet. While still largely subsumed under imaginaries of the ephemeral and immaterial, scholarly interest in its infrastructures, as well as the environmental impacts of new media, has somewhat challenged those foundational ideals nested in metaphors of ‘the cloud’ and ‘wirelessness’. As such, by investigating data storage as it is embodied and emplaced, I explore connections between globalized geographies of new media distribution, and localized impacts of IT on the ground. She will ask: how is the economy of data storage organized, reprising old relationships and forging new ones? How is IT infrastructure built into local environments, shifting both social and natural terrain? And finally, how are these topographies reshaping the nature of memory?