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Short Term Travel Study Programs - Research Study Event

Date & Time:
September 14, 2017 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Participants Needed for Research in Short Term Travel Study Programs

photo credit: D. Johnston

World Café Event details:

Social Sciences 217
Food and refreshments will be provided

We are inviting former participants in a University of Calgary’s group study program take part in a study researching the role that culture shock and group dynamics play on student learning in short term group study programs. Participants must have completed a group study program of 1-6 weeks in length offered through the University of Calgary.

You will be asked to participate in a World Café event where you will converse and brainstorm with other short term group study participants. Your participation will include conversations at a series of stations that ask specific questions related to your experiences in a short-term travel study program. Some topics for conversation might include:

  • Describe a moment or experience where you felt completely out of your comfort zone as a student.

  • Can you identify and describe any group experiences that you felt aided or hindered your learning or teaching experience while participating in your group study program?

  • How much do you think location affected your feelings of discomfort or stress while in a group study program?

    To RSVP for this event please contact Leah Schmidt, or Dr. Lisa Stowe,