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Amy Errmann

Submitted by srtariqu on Tue, 11/24/2015 - 5:39pm

Marketing Manager, Global CPG Company

“Half of my job entails commercializing Innovation that hits the Canadian market and the other half is to lead agencies in creating marketing campaigns for traditional and non-traditional media. I am also heavily involved in the design of packaging, retail marketing material, and strategic business planning.

In my role my Degree works for me in multiple ways; some that I didn’t even consider as I was going through the program. Studying Communications opened up my eyes to be able to think critically about how people make sense of media and culture – which directly affects how consumers interact with the products I bring to market and how our brands make them feel. Connection is everything in Marketing and learning how to communicate emotional experiences effectively gives Coms students a currency in the job market that is hard to match with other Degrees.”