University of Calgary

Annie Rudd

  • Assistant Professor

Office Hours

My office hours for the Fall 2022 term are Mondays, 10:30am to 12:30pm. Office hours are by appointment only, via Zoom--to make an appointment, please send me an email.

Research Interests

My areas of research interest include the history of photography, particularly the histories of vernacular photographies, news photography, and documentary; media history; and visual culture studies.

Selected Publications

Rudd, A. (2022) "Inattentive Subjects: The Emergence of a Photojournalistic Norm," Journalists and Knowledge Practices: Histories of Observing the Everyday in the Newspaper Age, ed. Hansjakob Ziemer (Routledge), 178-202.

Rudd, A. (2022) "Photographic Privilege at the World's Columbian Exposition," Ubiquity: Photography's Multitudes, ed. Jacob Lewis and Kyle Parry (Leuven University Press/Cornell University Press), 47-70.

Rudd, A. (2022) "Between Public and Private," Real Photo Postcards: Pictures from a Changing Nation, ed. Lynda Klich and Ben Weiss (Boston Museum of Fine Arts).

Rudd, A. (2021) "Cameras," Information: A Historical Companion, ed. Ann Blair et al. (Princeton University Press), 349-52.

Rudd, A. (2020) "Newsrooms grow less comfortable with the 'view from above,'" Nieman Lab Predictions for Journalism 2021.

Rudd, A. (2019) "The expanded ambiguity of the news photograph," Nieman Lab Predictions for Journalism 2020.

Rudd, A. (2019) "Good Subjects, Bad Objects: Posing Devices and the Nineteenth-Century Commercial Studio," photographies (online before print).

Rudd, A. (2018) "A more intimate aesthetic of politics--on Insta," Nieman Lab Predictions for Journalism 2019.

Rudd, A. (2017) "Victorians Living in Public: Cartes de Visite as 19th-Century Social Media," Photography and Culture 9.3, 195-217.

Rudd, A. (2017) "Erich Salomon's Candid Camera and the Framing of Political Authority," Information & Culture 52.4, 412-435. 

Rudd, A. (2015) "Public Faces: Photography as Social Media in the 1860s," ICP Perspectives.

Rudd, A. (2014) "'The Unobserved Observer': Humphrey Spender's Hidden Camera and the Politics of Visibility in Interwar Britain," Challenging Communication Research, ed. Leah Lievrouw (Peter Lang), 193-207.

Rudd, A. (2009) "'Not Nearly Enough Use is Made of Women': Rediscovering Ernestine Evans." Medien & Zeit 2.2009: Special Issue on the History of Women in Journalism, 24-39.


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