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Charlene Elliott

  • Professor


B.A. (Honours) University of Calgary , M.A. University of Calgary , Ph.D. Carleton University


Dr. Elliott is the CIHR Canada Research Chair in Food Marketing, Policy and Children's Health. 

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Her main program of research focuses on the following:

1. Communication and Health. A critical perspective on how issues become framed as health issues, and the implications for identity, policy, etc. Closely related to this is my research on Food Marketing, Policy and Children’s Health (which takes up issues of child- and teen responses to food marketing messages, policy related to food marketing in Canada, obesity and public health). 

2. Taste and Communication: This project deals broadly with theorizing a communication of taste. From marketing foods to children to to creating connoisseurship, the research seeks to develop a more nuanced understanding of taste, how it functions in society and how it communicates.

3. Intellectual property and sensorial communication: This project deals with the expanding boundaries of intellectual property rights, particularly trademark rights. Of primary focus is the trademarking of sensory marks; the project deals with the communicative and policy implications of codifying colour, shape and scent.   

Dr. Elliott holds a joint appointment with the Faculty of Kinesiology.

Courses Taught

Communication Studies 717.01 - Communication and Health

Communication Studies 717

Communication Studies 601

Communication Studies 591

Communication Studies 473

Chapters in Books

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