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Maxwell Laurence Foran

  • Professor Emeritus of Communication - Media & Film


BEd, University of Calgary , MA History, University of Calgary , PhD History, University of Calgary


Max has written extensively on various western Canadian urban, rural and cultural topics with a present focus on ranching, and the urban growth and sustainability process. A long time teacher and former educational administrator, he sees the teaching process as underpinning all other academic endeavours. Current research focuses on urban land development.


Expansive Discourses: Urban Sprawl in Calgary 1945 - 1978 (AU Press, 2009)

Icon, Brand, Myth: The Calgary Stampede (AU Press, 2008)

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Journal Articles

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"Hands and Fists Across the Border: Canadian and American Cattlemen in the Twentieth Century," Alberta History  56:2, Spring 2008

Photograph of Maxwell Laurence Foran
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