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Rundle Summit Offers Important Experience for CMF Students

What is the Rundle Summit?

The Rundle Summit is an Alberta Grad student run conference taking place in Banff (this year) that brings together communications scholars from all over Canada at the Undergraduate, Graduate and PHD level to share their research and network. The conference is an important connections for media scholars of all levels to present and learn from their peers.


How does the Rundle Summit benefit students such as yourself?

This experience is especially important to my classmates and I attending the conference as undergraduate presenters as we can practice skills that will not only be beneficial for our academic careers but is also crucial to our decision making process regarding further academic studies. While some students are sure of Grad school, some of the students are using this experience as another way to test whether they would like to pursue graduate studies. The professional and academic connections made through attending a conference like this are invaluable to the pursuit of both academic and professional careers.


Can you share with us the focus of your own research?

My research is about the communication upset caused by the dissemination of social media and individual and corporate social media accounts (SMAs). My article reviews recent literature on the challenges created by social media to current perceptions of intellectual property rights due to the prevalence of intellectual property infringement in that medium. Not only does the sharing economy generate a space for the easy creation of original content, it also creates a place for the repurposing and recreation of previously copyrighted content. This easy access blurs the lines of what constitutes intellectual property in a shareable world. The ownership of SMAs, the content created therein, and the feedback of a digital community each put a strain on a system of rules — put in place before the concept of social media existed. Or at least that’s what my abstract says.

What you’re looking forward to the most?

I’m personally looking forward to meeting so many scholars with such a diverse group of research interests. It’s always interesting to see what everyone else is interested in and how my small section of study is connected to such a vast network of knowledge. I’m also pretty excited to go to Banff.