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It is our pleasure to invite you to take part in the symposium entitled Social Media and Civic Culture in Canada to be held in Calgary at the Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary campus, on March 17, 2018. 

The symposium will focus on the role of social media in the mobilization of citizens for collective action and participation in Canadian democracy. It is an all-day event that will feature six speakers and a number of round-table discussions focusing on various issues pertaining to the use of social media in engaging citizens in social justice causes. Our speakers will include activists who will reflect on their experience in this area and academics who will share research results. All participants in the symposium will have the opportunity to join round-table discussions on the following topics: 

1. Beyond clicktivism - how can social media be used to make people act?  
2. How to go viral? How can activists use social media to gain wide attention for their message? 
3. Gaining allies versus making enemies - what have we learned? 
4. From social media to mainstream media - how to make the leap?
5. Can digital activism change anything? - What type of social transformations can activists expect?
6. Gender trouble - how are female activists dealing with the dark side of social media?

The goal for this symposium is twofold: to provide activists with a platform to share their insights regarding the ways of using social media to enhance the democratic engagement of Canadian citizens; to refine and share the knowledge we have gained in the course of our research project and receive feedback from active citizens like you. We hope that this event will provide an excellent opportunity for activists and academic researchers to meet and learn from one another.

Hosted by:
Department of Communication, Media and Film
University of Calgary

Research Team:
Dr. Maria Bakardjieva 
Dr. Delia Dumitrica
Mylynn Felt

Sponsored by:
The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada