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Frequently Asked Questions: Undergraduate and Future Students



How do I change my major?

Talk to your faculty advisors, applications are due February 1 of each year and are completed on your Student Centre

I am not sure if my major is right for me – where can I get help with choosing a major?

The Student Success Centre (TFDL 3rd Floor) offers ‘Choosing a Major’ appointments to assist students looking to explore their degree options, to see what is the best fit for their skills, interests and future goals.

I'm taking this course but I don't like it. How can I drop?

You can drop a course with no financial penalty or academic record until September 22, 2017. All you have to do is go on your Student Centre, click on "Search for Classes", "Enroll" and then "Drop". Visit the academic schedule for more information.

What does TBA mean for my tutorial?

TBA stands for "to be announced." This will appear on courses that offer optional drop-in tutorials for students to get extra help during the week.

What is an open option?

An open option means that you can take any unrestricted course in the faculty of science, arts, medicine etc. to use towards your degree. Every degree requires a certain amount of options to graduate.

Where do I go to get my UNICARD? I've never been to residence before.

You must have a UCID and be registered in classes before your Unicard can be issued. The Unicard is available as soon as you have registered in classes at their location in the Dining Centre, Room 18. The Dining Centre is located across from Kinesiology A and the Olympic Oval, next to Hotel Alma. The building will have "DINING CENTRE" in big letters on the outside. You can also send in a selfie and instructions for picking up your Unicard will be emailed to you. Visit the Unicard website for more information. 

Where do I go to pay my fees?

You have two different options as a student. You can go straight to Enrolment Services to pay your fees in-person, or you can skip the line and pay your fees online via your Student Centre. You can find out how to set up online banking by clicking the “Payment Options” link found on the right hand side of the Student Centre. As Enrolment Services is quite busy at the beginning of the year it is worth the time to set up the online payment option.

I lost something important and/or I've found an item that should be returned. Where do I go?

Our Information Centre and the Lost and Found booth is located in the middle of the 2nd floor (main floor) of the MacEwan Student Centre, beside the elevators

What if I lose my UNICARD?

You should report your lost or stolen card via eAccounts. Lost, stolen, defaced, or damaged Unicards are subject to a $20 replacement fee and the UPass replacement stickers cost $130.00.

Where is the Student Accessibility Services office?

The Student Accessibility Services office is located on the 4th floor of MacEwan Student Centre.

How much does it cost to use the Fitness Centre/Olympic Oval/Climbing Wall/Aquatic Centre/Racquet Centre?

All fitness and athletic facilities are accessible to full-time and part-time students; the fee is included in your general student fees for the term. Visit the Active Living website for more information. 

I have my textbook list. Where's the best place to get them?

For new and/or used textbooks, the University of Calgary Bookstore will have a guaranteed selection for your courses. A limited selection of used books at affordable prices can be purchased from the consignment bookstore, Bound & Copied. Both of these services can be found on the 1st floor (bottom floor) of MacEwan Student Centre.

How do I tell if a course is required for my degree?

You can use Degree Navigator, accessed through your Student Centre, to see all of the required courses for your degree. Click “Academic” (gray ribbon along the top), which will take you to a drop down menu. The link for Degree Navigator can be found under “Direct Access” on the right hand side of the page. You can also refer to the Academic Calendar for program sequencing, or speak to a faculty advisor.

How do I get a locker?

Lockers can be rented from the Students Union via your Student Centre, under the “other academic” drop down menu. You can reserve a small locker for $20.00 and a large locker for $25.00.

Is the 10 minute break between classes enough time to get to my class?

Yes! Everything on campus is easily accessible within 10 minutes by foot.

Is there any way I can locate specific University of Calgary rooms online?

Check out the Interactive Room Finder. Just select the building from the drop-down menu, type in the room, and hit the search button!

Can I buy a semester permit parking pass?

You can buy a parking permit by visiting the Parking and Transportation Services office at the Olympic Volunteer Centre (at the north end of MacMahon Stadium). The prices are listed on the Parking Services website.

What does TFDL stand for?

It stands for "Taylor Family Digital Library" and is located right beside the MacKimmie Block and across from the MacEwan Student Centre.

I want to book a workroom in the Taylor Family Digital Library, how can I do that?

If you go to the library website, there will be a link under the Services heading that says "Book a Workroom". You can book up to 2 hours per week.

I need someone to talk to about my stress levels. Where can I go?

Numerous offices offer support for students during crisis or when experiencing stress. The Counselling Centre in the SU Wellness Centre (MacEwan Student Centre 3rd Floor) is a great place to start. Every student gets ten free counselling sessions with their degree. Additionally, the Women's Resources Centre (MacEwan Student Centre, 4th Floor) and the Q Centre (MacEwan Student Centre, 2nd Floor) offer peer support services to students dealing with women's issues, and LGBTQ issues. Other services which can offer guidance and support include the Faith and Spirituality Centre and the Native Centre (both located on the MacEwan Student Centre 3rd Floor)

I am concerned about the workload in first year, where can I get help with my study skills and balancing school with other commitments?

An Academic Development Specialist in the Student Success Centre (TFDL 3rd Floor) can assist you with developing study skills and strategies to ensure a smooth transition to University. The Student Success Centre also offers a number of Student Success Seminarsthroughout the semester on topics such as exam preparation and time management.

Where can I get help with writing papers?

The Student Success Centre (TFDL 3rd Floor) offers one on one writing support consultations with tutors, as well as workshops and online resources

I don't have a laptop, but I need to work on an assignment for class while on campus. Where can I find a computer to use?

The Taylor Family Digital Library has numerous computers available for student use on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors, and netbooks available for loan. There are also public computers in the basement of Social Sciences and at various libraries around campus. Log into these computers using your IT Username and Password.

How can I get an "" email?

Visit the IT website, then select Register for IT Account (left hand side of page) and follow the steps to register for an IT account.

How do I opt-out of the undergraduate health & dental plan?

You can opt-out of the health insurance plan if you have comparable coverage through another provider. The deadline for eligible students to opt-out (or to move to a family plan) is September 29. To opt-out, complete the online form and upload proof of comparable insurance.

You can also visit the SU Health and Dental Plan office on the 3rd floor of MacEwan Student Centre (MSC 352), above Kobe Beef.

How do I add dependents to my

undergraduate health & dental plan?

There is a fee to add dependents to your undergraduate health & dental plan. Complete the form available online and bring it to the SU Health & Dental Plan office on the 3rd floor of MacEwan Student Centre (MSC 352), above Kobe Beef. The deadline to add dependents is September 30. A family add-on can only be done at the beginning of the academic year (September) prior to the tuition deadline

What kind of coverage do I have through the undergraduate Health and Dental Plan?

Full details of the undergraduate Health and Dental plan are available online. (Please note, for dental care, only select dental offices are eligible. The list of eligible offices is available online or by visiting MSC 352.

I’m interested in volunteering – who should I talk to?

Visit the Leadership and Student Engagement Office in MSC 293 and inquire about ucalgarycares, or Volunteer Services in MSC 251. You can also consider joining a student club.

I’m interested in getting involved, who should I talk to?

The Leadership and Student Engagement Office is a great place to learn more about how you can get involved on campus. Leadership advising appointments are available throughout the academic year and can help in identifying opportunities that help students to reach their goals. Visit the Leadership and Student Engagement office in MSC 293, beside the Pharmacy and across from the Stör.

Where is the Wellness Centre?

The Wellness Centre is located on the 3rd floor of MacEwan Student Centre (MSC 370).

Where is the Student’s Union?

Your Students’ Union is located on the 2nd floor (main floor) of MacEwan Student Centre (MSC 251).

How do I book a Campus Tour?

You can book a Campus Tour online. Book in advance to secure your spot!

Where can I learn more about Residence?

Information about the different Residence buildings, cost, and Residence tours can be found online

What locations accept the UNICARD?

There are 17 food locations on campus currently accept Unicard. Look for ‘Unicard Accepted Here’ signs at vendors across campus! New vendors are being added all the time; visit the Unicard website for the most up to date information.

Who can I talk to about student loans?

Information on student loans and other student financing information is available through Enrolment Services. Their website has plenty of helpful information but you can also visit them in person or call

How do I get my UPass?

The UPass is your Calgary Transit pass and is included as a compulsory fee for all full-time students. You can pick up your UPass when you arrive on campus at the UPass Centre in Mackimmie Block. Hours of operation are available on the UPass website

Where can I get more information on a course? 

Course in formation is available through the Academic Calendar.

Information sourced from University of Calgary, Prelude to University