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Gordon A. Gow, Associate Professor, Communications and Technology Graduate Program, University of Alberta

Nuwan Waidyanatha, Senior Research Fellow, LIRNEasia

Chandana Jayathilake, PhD student, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

Stewarding Technology for Inclusive Innovation: A Canada/Sri Lanka Research Partnership

While access to digital communications technology is expanding to all reaches of society, many community groups and organizations struggle to incorporate new technology into their activities.  Drawing from the perspective of 'inclusive innovation' this presentation will describe an approach for creating and supporting new knowledge mobilization practices within and across agricultural communities of practice in Sri Lanka.  The approach is being introduced as part of a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant with the University of Alberta, University of Guelph, LIRNEasia, and Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.

March 10th 2015   12pm - 1pm  

Social Sciences Bldg.  Room 217  

Dr. Charles Tepperman is featured on UToday! Read the article here:

Student Spotlight

Georgia Gaden Jones, a PhD candidate in the Department of Communication, Media and Film joined CMF faculty members Samantha Thrift and Dawn Johnston in a panel discussing women in media for the Calgary chapter of the Women's Legal Education and Access Fund (Faculty of Law, U of C).