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Graduate Programs in Communication and Media Studies

    C&C Graduate Studies Program

Our graduate program invites students to pursue their academic interests in the critical study of communication and media. We offer a stimulating and dynamic environment, a community of students from around the world, and a faculty dedicated to fostering an environment in which students can reach their full academic potential. We offer interdisciplinary scholarship and rigorous theoretical and methodological grounding and we encourage students to develop unique programs of study that reach beyond traditional topical boundaries.

Professors in the department have strong records of achievement in scholarship and professional activity and are internationally known. All are committed to the critical analysis of communication phenomena. Our approach is primarily qualitative and many professors and graduate students are involved in research that offers a return to both the academic and the general communities.

Our faculty and programs focus on the following areas of research:

  • Social contexts of technology
  • Discourse and Media studies
  • Health and communication
  • Media Activism



  Special Research Project Graduate Student Funding 2015-2016



For more information on our graduate programs, please contact:
Megan Freeman
Graduate Programs Administrator
(403) 220-5623


Notable Graduate Achievements

Dr. Gillian Steward (PhD Program), has been awarded the 26th annual Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy. This prestigious award was created in 1988 to honour Joseph E. Atkinson - one of the Toronto Star's first publishers. With the award, Dr. Steward will receive $75,000 and up to $25,000 for expenses to research and write a "series of in-depth articles for distribution to all Canadian newspapers" on a public policy story. Dr. Steward "will investigate oil sands development in Alberta and its intended-and unintended consequences for Canadians."



Dr. Geo Takach, has won the Illinois Distinguished Qualitative Dissertation Award in the “Category A (Experimental)” from the International Center for Qualitative Inquiry at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). The International Center for Qualitative Inquiry is a prestigious organization that holds a yearly Congress on all associated substantive and methological issues arising from qualitative research.  To be the single, rather than joint recipient of this award, more usually shared by a number of dissertations, is a truly major accomplishment by Dr. Takach.