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Barbara Schneider

  • Professor Emerita of Communication - Media and Film

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.


B.A., University of Wisconsin 

Artist Diploma in Violin Performance, University of Toronto ,

M.A., University of Calgary 

Ph.D., University of Calgary


Barbara Schneider conducts research and publishes in several different areas: communication of health and illness (social and cultural aspects of mental illness), media representations of homelessness, communication in organizational settings (writing and decision-making in organizations), and scholarship of teaching and learning.

Much of her work is discourse analytic. She has a commitment to understanding the social world as constituted in and through the coordinated activities of individual members of society and studies how people use language to construct and maintain the everyday social world. Projects in this area include studies of communicative practice in organizations and analysis of schizophrenia and identity. She also is interested in other forms of research and representation including participatory action research and autoethnography, and has used performance as a way to make research accessible to a wider audience.

She recently completed a SSHRC-funded participatory study of housing for people with diagnosed with mental illnesses. This project involved people diagnosed with schizophrenia as co-researchers in investigating the housing experiences of people diagnosed with mental illnesses, particularly those who are or have been homeless. This project produced readers' theatre performances, a documentary film, a graphic novel, and an exhibit that has been seen across Canada, as well as an academic book and journal articles.

She has recently comleted a SHHRC-funded project on representations of homelessness in Canadian newspapers. In this project, she has examined newspaper coverage, conducted focus groups to see how ordinary people talk about homelessness, interviewed journalists who write about homelessness, and started a blog written by four homeless men:

She is currently workikng on an ethnograpy of modern western square dance.


Schneider, B. (2010). Hearing (Our) Voices: Participatory Research in Mental Health. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Chapters in Books

Schneider, B. (2007). Power and the regulation of workplace communication. In M. Zachary & C. Thralls (Eds.), Communicative practices in workplaces and professions: Cultural perspectives on the regulation of discourse and organizations (pp. 181-199). Amityville, NY: Baywood Publishing.

Schneider, B. (2007). Constructing a "schizophrenic" identity. In V. Raoul, C. Canam, A. Henderson & C Paterson  (Eds.), Unfitting Stories: Narratives Approaches to Disease, Disability, and Trauma (pp. 129-137). Waterloo, ON: Wilfred Laurier University Press.

Journal Articles

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