University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of Maria Petrova BakardjievaMaria Petrova Bakardjievacomputer mediated communication, media and democracy, Social aspects of communication technology, New media and society, Internet use
Photograph of Douglas Allan BrentDouglas Allan Brentrhetoric and composition, Writing in the disciplines, post-secondary educational practices
Photograph of Lee CarruthersLee CarruthersEuropean art cinema, film history, cinematic time, Film theory, philosophical hermeneutics, classical and contemporary cinema
Photograph of Matthew CroombsMatthew CroombsFilm Theory, Documentary, Postcolonialism
Photograph of Janice DickinJanice DickinCanadian law, History
Photograph of Edna EinsiedelEdna Einsiedelpublic participation on technological issues, Biotechnology, genomics and nano-biotechnology applications
Photograph of Charlene ElliottCharlene ElliottCommunication theory, Obesity and public health, food marketing/branding, sensorial communication, Food Studies, children and media studies, taste and communication
Photograph of Marcia Jenneth EpsteinMarcia Jenneth Epsteinmusical rhetoric, music therapy, acoustic ecology, History and sociology of music
Photograph of Maxwell Laurence ForanMaxwell Laurence ForanAlberta and the Great Depression, History of Western Canadian agriculture with a major focus on the Alberta cattle industry
Photograph of Ronald Peter GlasbergRonald Peter Glasbergknowledge unification strategies, Interdisciplinary theory, popular culture, history of ideas, world history
Photograph of Richard William HawkinsRichard William HawkinsScience technology and innovation policy
Photograph of Dawn JohnstonDawn JohnstonSocial Activism, Television and Film, Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture, Food Culture
Photograph of Michael KerenMichael KerenPolitical communication, Knowledge and Power, political literature
Photograph of George MelnykGeorge MelnykCanadian film and literary history, Western Canadian identity, peace studies
Photograph of David Brian MitchellDavid Brian Mitchellsocial context of information and communications technology, Communication theory, communications policy, broadband networks and community development
Photograph of Aradhana ParmarAradhana ParmarDevelopment studies with a focus on gender, gender race and ethnicity, immigrant women in Canada, South Asia, women and India
Photograph of Lynne PerrasLynne PerrasCanadian animation, Canadian humour, hockey history and culture
Photograph of Ryan PiersonRyan PiersonFilm theory, film history, History of animated film
Photograph of Brian RustedBrian Rustedperformance studies, organizational culture, visual culture, Ethnography
Photograph of Barbara SchneiderBarbara SchneiderCommunication theory, Ethnomethodology and discourse analysis, Ethnography of social dance, research methods, organizational communication (particularly writing and decision making in organizations)
Photograph of Tamara Palmer SeilerTamara Palmer Seilerthe West in North America, Alberta history, Canadian literature, North American cultural history, multiculturalism, history and representation of immigrant experience
Photograph of Tania SmithTania SmithRhetorical Communication, New media and society, internet communities and culture, rhetorical history, professional communication
Photograph of Lisa Roxanne StoweLisa Roxanne StoweRhetorical Communication, Paralympic Sport and Identity, Transformative Education and Travel Study, Food Studies
Photograph of David TarasDavid TarasPolitical communication, news and journalism, effects of new information technologies on politics and society
Photograph of Gregory TaylorGregory TaylorGlobal and Canadian Cultural Industries, ICTs, politics, and civic engagement, media and democracy, technological governance, Social aspects of communication technology
Photograph of Charles TeppermanCharles TeppermanFilm and media studies, motion picture technology and audiences, media archive and film preservation, amateur media, Canadian cinema, film history
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